Perklist: Perk Settings and Configuration

What options does Perklist provide to help you extend hospitality to your guests? The core benefits you share with guests are known as Perks and can be found in the top navigation bar.

Perks Navigation Bar

Perk types: - Perklist offers four different types of perks.

  • Single use: Can only be used one time and must be redeemed by guests. Common examples could be a free appetizer on their next visit or a free dessert after their next meal. When a guest redeems this type of perk, it is automatically removed from their profile.
  • Recurring: Can be redeemed multiple times and continues to stay on a guest profile until a time range expires or an admin removes the perk. Examples could be half price wine every Wednesday, special access, parking, or any other benefit that can be redeemed multiple times.
  • Earned: Guests must meet certain criteria before unlocking this perk on their account. An example could be a traditional punch card or other benefits such as a free lunch after a specific number of visits or free wine tastings and pairings. As an admin, you set the criteria for the perk and guests can scan in-person QR Codes to make progress towards earning their perk.
  • Claimed: These are limited to a specific number of guests. This type of perk can be used to create a sense of urgency and limit benefits to the first “x number” of guests. Examples could include a free wine tasting to the first 5 guests who arrive during a slow time of the day, or any other benefit that drives urgency and guest engagement.

Perk settings: Can be used to schedule perks for specific days and times. Date filters enable perks for a specific time range or days of the week. Time filters restrict perks to specific time ranges. Examples could include things like extended happy hours, half priced bottles of wine on Wednesdays, and more.

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Perks are at the core of enabling you to offer unique benefits to all your guests. Visit here for more information on sharing perks with your guests, and for any support-related questions, please contact our team at